Reduced frame rate in the note transition animation

Testing version:
2.0 (10699)
iPhone 13 Pro

What were you doing:
Opening a note from the notes list

What happened:
Opening a note from the note list runs at a reduced frame rate on the iPhone 13 Pro. The note creation screen opening animation runs at 120 frames, so do the transitions in the settings.

What did you expect to happen:
Transition animation between notes supports ProMotion displays


I observed this on iPhone 14 Pro too. It’s quite obvious

Yeah noticed this also.

Hello, any chance you experiencing this issue when a sync is in progress? Can some of you provide a quick video?

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Hello, any chance you experiencing this issue when a sync is in progress?

No, synchronization is not in progress.

Can some of you provide a quick video?

Yes, but the iPhone does the screen recording at 60fps, you won’t see the difference.

Sidebar open/close runs at reduced frame rate also I think. It’s hard to explain, you just kinda have to notice it.

For example the settings subpage opening/closing animation in B2 settings (try open and close settings → general) is smooth 120fps, and note opening/closing is something like 60fps and noticeably less fluid to me. It’s not something that happens occasionally, but every time.

I’ve also encountered reduce frame rates on my iphone since the private Beta. I originally thought this was an intended behaviour at this point.

Yes seeing this in “horizontal” transitions (going in and out of notes list). The iPhones with high refresh rates are 13 Pro and 14 Pro. I suspect it happens on both

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Any update on this one? Like can we do something ourselves to get this working properly or did the devs identify it as a bug

@trix180 Hi! Any updates here? This issue is annoying.

Hello everyone!

I’m Konstantin from the iOS team.

I can totally see the issue here and can understand it is annoying. Thank you so much for reporting it. We will take a look at the matter as soon as possible.

Currently it is not a priority because there are other matters that have to be addressed first, but it will be tackled before the final release of Bear 2.



Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

Hello everyone!

I’m yet to investigate the reduced frame rate of the App thoroughly, but while handling an unrelated matter, I stumbled on something that could make everything better.

Please update to the new version, which just landed on TestFlight, and let me know whether everything is smoother now.

Thank you so much!


Yeah I think it’s fixed now! Good job.

The reduced frame rate is definitely fixed. Thank you! I think the transition with the side menu could be smoother as seems to be a sort of slight stutter from the flick to the continuation of the animation. Like where the animation picks up using the momentum of the flick. I hope that makes sense.

Dragging the whole way to complete the transition, you don’t really see this. Only on short swipes with a sort of flick action to complete the swipe so I see this. I remember it being much smoother before it’s all.

Yeah I’m also seeing a slight choppiness in the animation when revealing the sidebar.

I’m not sure if it has something to do with Dynamic Island. If I’m playing music while revealing the sidebar, the Island minimizes when the sidebar moves over it, and goes back to showing album art when I close the sidebar. But the slight “unsmoothness” happens also when the Island is inactive.

E.g. in apps like Slack the sidebar causes similar effects on the Island but the animation is smooth.

Looks great now in the latest version!