Lack of Pro Motion?

When swiping the side bar in an out as well has navigating to and back from different notes, it does seem as smooth as it could be. Seems there’s a lack of frame rate. Reminds me of phone before pro motion.

Also, I miss the animation of the search icon filling up with color when pulling down to search.


Still waiting for a fix for that refresh rate. Surprisingly I’m having this issue on my iPhone only as my IPad pro seems to work well

Oh, is this a known issue?

Someone posted a thread a while back. Looks like the devs wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not. We tried to upload a video to show the 60hz in action instead of 120 but haven’t heard anything yet. The updates that followed still didn’t fix it though. Perhaps only a few beta testers is having this issue.

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Same here, reduced frame rate when opening side menu or notes.

Scrolling the notes list seems okay.


Yes, that’s exactly how I experience it as well

Yeah same issue as well on my iPhone. You can see the difference in settings where the similar page opening animations are smooth 120Hz, but the same doesn’t apply to opening/closing notes and sidebar.