Renaming images causes sync/display issues

Testing version: iOS Version 2.0 (10817)

What were you doing: renaming images

What feature did you use: rename

What happened: not visible in notes list preview

What did you expect to happen: visible in notes list preview

Image previews in the notes list are affected by renaming. The image is no longer visible in notes list preview on macOS. Or it’s listed in the preview but with ![](new_name.jpeg) in place of the image in the note. Or, an image placeholder is present with no data. Or, the images are visible in iOS but not in macOS. Renaming placeholders crashes Bear.

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I can confirm odd behavior. Renaming images in macOS seemed fine. Renaming images in iOS seemed fine as well; however, when I returned to the macOS client after renaming an image within iOS, the image wasn’t rendering properly in the macOS note (though it still showed up in iOS client) – there’s an empty space where the image should be and only the resize handle showing where you would expect in the bottom right corner. Trying to rename “ghost” image placeholder within macOS crashes the macOS client.

Yes, something odd it’s happening here. Thanks for reporting this issue.