Request: release a .IPA for Panda to allow for sideloading the Panda editor on iOS Devices

I’ve been looking for a good markdown editor for iOS and came across Panda. While the desktop app is great, I can’t install it on TestFlight since the beta is full. Apps can be sideloaded onto non-jailbroken iOS devices with tools like AltStore and SideStore.

At the moment Panda is on hold to focus on Bear 2 release but I’m very skeptical about distributing apps using sideloading. I also know very little about AltStore and SideStore and I have to investigate how they manage privacy, copyright, and crash logs among the other stuff the App Store currently cares for us.


Will the current Panda beta continue to be available even if its on hold?

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Yes, Panda will remain available.


I’m loving the update to Bear, but I also really appreciated the no-frills nature of Panda. Since the TestFlight version is no longer available, do you have any near-term plans to distribute Panda – either as a standalone app or as an included binary with Bear (if that’s even possible)? It was a great little Markdown editor and I miss using it.


Panda is no longer on TestFlight. I wonder if it has returned to the wild somewhere.

Panda is a Markdown editor with a very simple UI, so I want to keep it on my iPhone.