"Revert To" & changelog

Thanks for the new version with table updates - this looks a lot better than previous version. The only change I’d request, and this is very much a nice to have, is the ability to sort the table based on a selected column.

I have two queries:

  • Panda has a “Revert to” menu option which opens up a Time Machine like view of versions of the document. I’ve wanted versioned changes for some time and this is great to see - however I’m intrigued, where are the versions stored?
  • Is there any way to see the changelog for Panda versions please? - I didn’t fully take in all of the changes for this new version and now can’t get back to it
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The Revert To feature is a side effect of Panda using Apple’s document API. It will most likely not be in the final version.

+1 on changelogs.