Search messes with hide markdown (makes it visible)

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (10936) Mac.

What were you doing:
Searching and then removing search. Happened both with note list search (when it matches said note) or search internal to a note.

What feature did you use:
Search and hide markdown turned off.

What happened:
If a search matched within the note markdown characters get’s hidden like bold stars or wiki link brackets. The hidden characters are always pairs. I’ve never only had the left of an markdown formatting hidden in this way.

I’m honestly not sure if there’s a specific logic to it. For a moment I thought it might be happening only on words within markdown formatting that matched the search, but I’ve had it happen without that too (I think?). It does seem to happen more often around the search matches (I think?).

By repeatedly searching and deleting my searching for various things I can usually gradually turn a document into hiding all the markdown (though, it’s not linear, sometimes some unhide again).

What did you expect to happen:
To have markdown stay visible even when searching.

Important note
I understand this feature might be complicated to support and I just really want to strongly iterate how much I appreciate having it there. :pray:t2:

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Yes, this is not supposed to happen. We’ll look into this as soon as possible.