Selecting Untagged notes crashes aystem

Testing version: 2.0 Beta, macOS

What were you doing: Clicking on the Untagged notes section

What feature did you use:
Untagged notes

What happened:
Bear crashes and closes

What did you expect to happen:
The Untagged notes section would show Untagged notes.

Hey team! I’ve submitted this a few times via the TestFlight feedback but haven’t gotten results. There have been multiple updates since then, but this issue keeps happening. I use Untagged notes as in inbox, so it sucks to not be able to review and sort those notes from my Mac. Thanks!

Hello, I have found you crash and we’ll ship a fix with the next update. Thanks for reporting this bug.

Thank you, @trix180 !

This is happening to me but only on my M1 Mac Mini (OS 13.4.1, Bear 2.0.3). My Intel MacBook Pro (OS 13.4.1, Bear 2.0.3) works find.

Nope. Sorry. It does still crash, and now it will crash on both, if I increase the main window size or if I start scrolling in the Notes area (tags, notes, and editor all visible).