Sketch function - slow response to pencil

Testing version: Bear 2.0 test flight, iPad Pro (3rd generation) 11", iPadOS 16.2

What were you doing: drawing

What feature did you use: sketch function

What happened: after the first line or two, the response time of Apple Pencil increased, no real-time sketching was possible. Upon saving the note with the (interrupted) sketch, Bear took a while before the note was saved and visible in the list.

What did you expect to happen: immediate response to the Apple Pencil, no delay in saving the drawing

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Any follow up to this one?

No-one came back to me on this. The problem persists

Hi @Miro ,
How do you even use the sketch function ? I am not sure if it’s because I am using an iPad mini, but I can’t see the icon that appears when using the iPhone for creating / inserting a sketch. Was there anything you did to enable it ?

I just found by accident how to access the sketch function, but hopefully it’s not the only/correct way of doing it, as it’s a bit tricky.
I order to get access to the B I U button that gives access to Sketch, highlight, etc… sections I had to change the keyboard to “Floating” and then I saw the B I U button in the lower right corner

Here is a video of what is happening. You can really tell on the last word I write @trix180

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Hi folks,

took a while, but we managed to reproduce and fix the issue, the next release should solve it :slight_smile:



Awesome, thanks so much!

Thank you, much appreciated!

Confirmed this works perfectly. This was the feature I was looking forward to the most in the update. The implementation is so great!

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