[Solved] Heading indicators show up when not supposed to

Testing version: 10641 iOS

What were you doing: Placing the text cursor to note body.

What feature did you use: The editor.

What happened: The H1 note title heading indicator shows up even though I placed the cursor to the first paragraph and not the H1. This happens every time when you first open the note and place the cursor somewhere in the note body by tapping.

One other way to get the heading indicator “stuck” is to place the cursor inside a heading, then slide the cursor to some other paragraph by holding down the spacebar and moving the cursor that way.

There are also other random times when the heading indicators and markdown formatting gets stuck, most often headings. I’m pretty sure you’ll run into one of these issues by just editing your notes normally as I can’t really provide ways to reproduce besides the prior two methods.

What did you expect to happen: Heading indicators and Markdown formatting should be only visible when the cursor is inside the styled text.


Hello, this is a known bug and we’ll provide a fix asap!

Thank you for the feedback.


This is fixed on iOS version 11163 :partying_face: