Special tags are transformed to hex color codes

Testing version:
2.0 (9695)

if a tag is written with special signs (6 digits, letters from a to f, numbers) it will be transformed to hex color codes. A bug? Or a feature?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-17 um 20.44.14

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I would love to tell you that’s a bug! We just wanted to add a bit of delight and we’re parsing some common colors’ strings showing the corresponding color near it :slight_smile:

We support various representations:

But it would be even nicer to have an option to have those as tags too, so we’re adding the possibility of closing those with # for having them show as tags.


Are there more such hidden features inside the editor? :grin:

The opacity is not correct for the preview circle (for rgba)?

This is so cute! Love it! :heart_eyes:

Always thought it’s a feature. It’s one of the features in Bear that I love to show people I”m introducing Bear to. :laughing: