Splitting, shuffling, and merging notes

This is a feature I’ve learned to love while using Scrivener. Position the cursor, press commend-K and one note becomes two. The two can then be reordered or merged with other notes. For a professional wordsmith, this is incredibly handy.

P.S. if it already exists in Bear or Panda, please tell us how it works.


Hi there,

Regarding merging notes, in Bear you can merge notes by selecting a note > pressing ⌘ to select more notes > right click and select “Merge”. See demo here: https://twitter.com/BearNotesApp/status/1425143212319166464

Regarding shuffling/re-arranging notes, although this cannot be done manually at the moment, you can change the way notes are sorted by going to Preferences > General > ‘Notes List Sorting’ > Change as desired. See demo here: https://twitter.com/BearNotesApp/status/1252582110868713475

Hoping this helps :bear: