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If I export a Bear note as markdown (.md) spotlight search will not find anything searches within the file. However, if you export as .txt it works great. And, if you rename extension to .md it still finds text inside the file.

Does anyone know what (if anything) is different when Bear exports as markdown and spotlight will not find any of the contents.

I am current using iPhone/iPad spotlight search.

I guess the issue is Spotlight doesn’t index MD files. I have found some hacks online but I have not tested those yet.

I’m coming to that conclusion. I tried all sorts of things but the search never worked. I thought since the .md file was a text file it would index it and that I had some settting or something else wrong.

I had been hopeful for using a future Panda to be able to use spotlight in that way.

Thank you for responding.

This is weird, Spotlight should index markdown files if you have an app that declared .md as a text-base file. I’m currently able to use Spotlight to search for .md files :slight_smile:

My suspicion is that you have installed an app that not declaring .md files correctly. If you want, you can use this command in and check how the .md files are seen by your system:


If you can paste the output here I can check what’s going on.

I am using iOS. As I mentioned, I tried all sorts of things and one strange thing is that if I exported a note as Markdown then spotlight will not recognize it and hence search will not find anything within the file.

But, if in Files I duplicate that file then spotlight will find whatever search term within contents as expected.

That is why I was asking if a .md file were different when Bear exports it.

The reason any of this came about is I was testing some ideas for future use of the iOS version of Panda using .md files and being able to use spotlight to search.

I was just exporting some notes from Bear in Markdown format and then trying out using spotlight for searching.

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