Switch to note's tag when follow link

Setup #1

  • Create two notes note1 and note2 under tag tag1
  • Add links to each other [[note1]] [[note2]]
  • Select tag1 tag in Bear

→ When you switch between notes, by clicking the internal links in them, the current tag tag1 in Bear keeps being active (Good)

Setup #2

  • Move note2 to tag tag2

→ When you switch between notes, when tag1 is active, Bear switch to “All notes” category which isn’t convenient when you have a lot of other notes under different tags (Bad)


→ When tag1 is active in Bear and you switch to note under tag2, Bear should switch to tag2 instead.

I don’t think we can do what you suggest. The idea behind the current behavior is to not move the sidebar selection if it’s not required, so if the target note is shown in the note list (tag1) everything is left as it is. We think this is a simple principle users can understand without knowing how it works or, even better, without thinking about it.

Moving the sidebar selection to a second tag results in unpredictable behavior if more than 1 tag is present inside the note. In this case, we need we’d have to choose one of the tags but users can’t predict which one.


Yeah, I understand that, multiple tags could be an issue.

However, is it really better to switch to “All notes” instead?
Maybe switch to “All notes” only if note has several tags, so that the behavior is consistent? But if there’s just one tag then switch to it instead.
Or just switch to the first one appeared in the note.

It sounds like a special case which might be not ideal, but for my way of using Bear it would be much more convenient because “All notes” is a mess and I don’t use it at all.

I know that it is one click more but you quickly could click any of the tags inside that note to get into the tags list. In my eyes that is one of bears best ui elements: the note is kept but the entry in left sidebar and the notes list is changed while the note in the editor remains. In obsidian in contrary the clicking of a tag inside a note results in opening a separate search panel from where you can activate a note. A note list where one note can appear in different context doesn’t exist in obsidian while in bear the notes list and the search list is a unity. Actually it is just that one and only click and the whole behaviour of bear is kept consistent :wink:

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Yeah, I often do that if possible.
But I place tags at the bottom of the note (not sure if it’s the best way) so if note is huge it’s not very convenient to scroll to tags.
Also if I toggle last section of the note (Ctrl+') it also hides the tags…

In other words, I can live with that, but you know, it feels great when you don’t do any extra clicks at all :slight_smile: