Keep tag current tag selected when callback url creates note

(I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature request)
Bear Desktop 1.8.5

What I did:

  1. Create a note like this
# base note
[new note](bear://x-callback-url/create?title=subnote&tags=aa)
  1. Select the aa tag in the sidebar
  2. Open the base note
  3. Click the callback link that creates a new note with the same tag

What I expect The new note opens, leaving the same tag selected in the sidebar
What happens The sidebar selection changes to All Notes

Use case:
I use a tag to collect all my journals. I also have a “master note” with callback links to create a new journal entry template. After clicking the callback to create a new note, I like to drag that note to the master note - such that the master note also functions as an index for all journal notes.

Since the sidebar switches to All Notes after creating the new note, I have to reselect the tag to get back to my journal entries.

Clarification: I believe the existing behavior is correct; in the case where the new note does not contain the currently selected sidebar tag.

Title should be “Keep current tag selected when a callback url creates a note”. Not sure how I got that extra word in there.

Hi there,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a post here.

May I just ask, is this still occurring for you?

Have you updated to the latest version of Bear (1.9.2)? Does it still occur after updating?

May I also ask, what system version are you using on your device? and if possible, could you provide an example screen recording of this for investigation?

Thanks for checking in, Yes, I do still see this, on bear 1.9.2, on macOS Monterey (I was on Big Sur when this was first posted)

I did notice a mistake in the original note snippet that could have been confusing, I meant to use the tag #aa, but ended up with ##a (which means nothing)

# base note
[new note](bear://x-callback-url/create?title=subnote&tags=aa)

Attaching a video that hopefully helps. When I click the link, I expect aa to still be selected in the sidebar.

Ah, I see now. I believe this is the expected behaviour as you’re creating a new note, therefore it jumps to the notes section by default.

I can also see your use case for amending this though. Therefore, I’ll pass the feedback onto our designer and our development team to discuss and possibly consider :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I can understand that this is the expected behavior! In conclusion I would just point out that using the “create note button” at the top of the notes list does not cause a jump to the notes section. And this feels like it should behave similar.

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Thank you for the additional thoughts to ponder! It has now been passed onto the team.

In the meantime, hoping you’ve a Beary nice day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::bear:

I know this is a year old now, and I have not tested this on the beta, but I just wanted to add that the iPad version of the app exhibits the behavior I’d expect; it is only the Mac version that does not.


I can confirm the new macOS beta will not change the sidebar selection to Notes if the note list displays the newly created note.

Best Regards.

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