Tab in tables breaks rendering

Testing version: 2208

What were you doing: Copying table from other markdown file

What feature did you use: tables

What happened: If there is a tab character in the | --- | section of the table the table does not render. This is not an issue with other “content” cells. GFM renders the tables correctly even with tabs.

What did you expect to happen: the tables to be rendered even if final chacater is a tab, i.e. it is treated as a space character.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll double check with the development team as to why this is occurring.

One more observation regarding the | ------ | -------- | ---- | section. If any of the spaces between | and --- are repeated it is not rendered correctly. I would expect, given other MD rendering engines for multiple spaces or other space characters to be valid i.e., in regex \s+.