Tables causes event loop to freeze

Testing version: Bear Version 2.1.1 (12375)

What were you doing: Editing cells in a table. Or even having a table displayed.

What feature did you use: Table

What happened: My Mac freezes for several seconds. No keypresses are processed and the mouse freezes.

What did you expect to happen: Continued processing of keystrokes and mouse events

I don’t know that this is Beta software any more. I’m on MacOS Sonama 14.2.1 (23C71). I’ve tried Safe Mode etc. It really seems to be Bear tables.

And, there actually doesn’t seem a way to send a help email from the website. It references a mail icon. All I see is Contact Us. Which just says look for the mail icon. Frustrating.

Hello and thanks for reporting this problem. Is this happening on specific tables or if you create a new note with a table everything works as expected?

Please turn off the ad-blockers.

That was a good tip. But the problem was I was looking for a mail icon that looked like an envelope. Totally missed the “chat” icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Sorry about the slow response. This seems to have cleared itself up.

I remember working pretty hard to isolate this, but something else could have been causing the problem. I work in software and these problems are often the hardest to deal with.