Tap and hold doesn’t display correctly

What were you doing: I used the tap and hold to edit what Panda interpreted as a link. In my document I have a section of text that uses brackets and parentheses used to denote reconstructed text in ancient artifacts. In my document I had O[mr-](i) which in the video you can see rendered as Omr- on the far right mid way down through the window. I wanted to see what the tap and hold function would do with this.

What feature did you use: Tap and Hold to access “Edit Link”

What happened: The pop-over window didn’t display correctly, and was overly narrow, perhaps only 10-20 pixels wide. (See video)

What did you expect to happen: To be able to see the full pop-over window to edit a link.

Testing version: iOS 0.1 (1648)

Hi and thanks again for reporting another Panda issue.
I don’t fully understand what causes the glitch you are experiencing and it’s hard to reproduce. Do you mind sending me the document in the video or any other document that has this problem?

Howdy. I just tried the exact same process, and it showed up properly this time. Nothing has changed in the file, so if it happens again, I’ll report another bug.

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