🚀 The Bear 2 Beta is here!

+1, I also would like to access and the beta appears to be full.

I little confused. I got the previous beta earlier this year. Looks like there is a new beta that syncs? How do I get an Invitation Code for TestFlight?

Hi. So I do have access to the private beta which is obsolete. When I click on the invite that you all send me some time ago it says, “This beta isn’t accepting any new testers right now.”

What gives? I want in! :]

Is there a way to get access to the beta? The links always seem to be full, and as a subscriber to Bear, I’d love to be using 2.0.

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Bear 2 comes with a lot useful changes. How long would it be before the final release? :thinking:


You can always go back to V1 - but they can’t always expand the TestFlight

it’d be great if a link alias would be correctly rendered inside a table cell as well as in other parts of a note.

Is this still the case? I thought it was yesterday when I was aliasing a link in a table and it was showing the note name and the alias at the same time. However, exiting the note and going back to it renders it the way I’d expect.

I’ve run into a slight problem with the betas.
I mainly use Bear on my iPhone and am enjoying the beta.
I loaded up Bear on my Mac and have run into a sync problem. I very rarely use it on my Mac so didn’t download the Beta and now can’t get in on the programme.

Is there any way around this?


You can read the answer in the beginning of this Thread:

Once you go Bear 2 beta, you can’t go back . This new beta will migrate and upgrade your old Bear 1 database and use it from now on. Install this beta on all devices since Bear 1 cannot read or sync notes from Bear 2.

You have to use bear 2 on your Mac to get Access to your notes - so I understand the statement

You’re right. I got the same behaviour.

If I edit the alias or the link, the render is still wrong but If I change note and than back, the rendering is correct

can I please try the beta cam RTL user

Yeah which is interesting because I’ve seen that many other markdown programs explicitly do not support the ‘correct’ rendering of aliased wiki links in tables (because of the way tables are constructed in markdown).

I do know that Bear is escaping the pipe in the alias so as to not mess with the table. Seems like they just need to address the immediate rendering issue to match what’s seen when closing-reopening the note.

Are there any plans to open up more macOS and iOS beta spots? Apologies if this question is frowned upon—I’m just excited for the future!


Urgent, Need help.

I got excited and downloaded the bear 2.0 from app store, where I was using beta 2.0 which also located in the application folder. Now I see only one icon in the application folder and also the Bear pro 2,0 shows older version of docs not the latest.

Is there some where beta version database is stored some where and point the pro to that.

I do see both Application Data and Application Data V2 under 9K33E3U3T4.net.shinyfrog.bear. Please let me know if there are any steps that I can follow to recover the data from beta version. i don’t need the older beta 1 data

So what’s the process of moving from the Beta to the now live bear 2.0

The email sent out says do not delete and just download from the app store but the app store says

“Bear” is Already Installed

To install this app, rename or move “Bear” from your Applications folder and try again

If don’t want to opt out of the beta you can delete Bear.app in your Applications folder and download the Mac App Store version.

Any update on how this coming along or things to share? Really looking forward to working easier with backlinks and ToC through this.


The Beta app expired, and when I downloaded the version from the app store it didn’t port all my notes (I hope I have not lost them :frowning: ). How can I either revive the beta and do a backup or get all my notes into the newly released app? I want to become a pro member and was thinking of getting the subscription any day now, but I need my notes back. PLEASE HELP!

@abhizrp FYI people are also talking about this on these threads. No word yet on a solution though.