Things URL Scheme not recognized


Nice, how everything comes together. Congrats to the new version!

A small thing missing compared to Bear 1 is the recognition of Things URL scheme. Links in Things are rendered as such: things:///show?id=AnuGdZQu3tSYjw5W9 (three slashes). This was clickable in Bear 1 but is not anymore.

Use cross links a lot between tasks (in Things) and their resources (in Bear). Would be nice to get this url scheme recognition back.


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If you put “x-callback-url” between the second and third slash it should work, like so:


It would be nice if Bear recognized it without having to edit the link, though. I guess you could make a Shortcut to fix it, but that’s still extra steps

Edit: if after you paste the link in Bear, select the entire link, then click the :link: icon in the BIU menu, give it a title and it should work that way

Thanks for these tips! Very useful workarounds. I my simply expand my existing Shortcut accordingly.