To everyone who helped over the past 2 years: Thank you

Hey Everyone! :wave:

We want to thank all of you awesome folks who have taken part in testing Bear 2 over the past 2 years. Thanks to your help, we made huge progress in making Bear the best it could be. :bear:

Everyone who supported us through this process—whether it was by testing, participating in the forum threads, or providing insightful feedback—is deeply appreciated.

It has meant a lot to us, as a small team of developers, to have the patience and time you gave us to make Bear a success. :heart:

Sappy stuff aside, BEAR 2 IS LIVE! Let’s make some tables! And footnotes, and Backlinks, and sketches…

Bear Team


If I can piggyback on this: hi everyone, Community Manager David here.

I want to echo the devs and thank you all for your help with making Bear 2 kick ass. If you have juuust one more minute and/or you’re super bored, would you be willing to give us a review or rating on the App Store, Mac App Store, and Hunting us on Product Hunt? It would really help a ton.