Toggle Tool like notion

Hey Folks,

I like the new feautres - first thing that jumped to my eye was the toggle tool, which is cool but not as cool as it is in apps like notion, where you have a little triangle beside your note which you can really toggle without navigating through any menus, but with a real toggle beside the note.


I thought the same at first. But the designer has taken a lot of trouble to create a really clean UI which toggle handles would impact.

Does anyone toggle on and off that much? Thinking about it, I open a section and leave it. Or vice versa.

I’m ready to get used to this new approach — which is really uncluttered.

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Hi all,

I love Panda!
For me the toggle feature would be very important, as it gives practical solutions. Better organized notes, easier to read and understand long documents.
It is one of the main reasons I use Notion.

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Hi there!

If by toggle you are referring to folding, this is a feature that is currently supported and is testable in Panda.

You can use the shortcut ⌘’ to toggle folding in Panda.

The decision to not include a triangle beside this option was a design choice to maintain the clean and sleek UI feel.

+1 for including an icon to make it easier to toggle content. I use it all the time in Notion :slight_smile:

Jumping in to say, I am against this and am very happy with the keyboard shortcut (or the right-click) and the toggle button for iOS.

I personally do not like the triangle. As it was said: it is ugly and do not fit in the sleek ui. But to suggest a compromise: wouldn‘t a double-click on the bullet or number be a good way to fold bullets? Or do I ignore something?

Thank you!
a fellow minimalist :slight_smile: