ToolBar does not resized with window

Testing version: 1.0 (2208)

What were you doing: Resize edit window

What feature did you use: Show toolbar

What happened:
Open toolbar and enlarge window, toolbar does not resize with window and show more icons
Enlarge window and open toolbar, toolbar is still the truncated ‘mini’ toolbar centered in a large window

What did you expect to happen:
Toolbar should expand to show more/all icons when the window is large or enlarged while the toolbar is open.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for giving the update a go, and for taking the time to leave some feedback.

This actually isn’t a bug, it’s expected behaviour at the moment. We kept it this way for the moment as we didn’t want a larger toolbar to feel more intrusive.

However, thank you for providing your viewpoint on this. I’ll pass it onto the design team to have a think about moving forward!