Top of iOS sidebar is hidden

Testing version:
11586 iOS

What were you doing:
Opening sidebar

What feature did you use:

What happened:
Top of sidebar is hidden, overlapped by top bar

What did you expect to happen:
For sidebar to not be hidden


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Can confirm that I have noticed this on several iOS builds. It does not occur always. I now also noticed a similar behaviour on the latest iPad version (11586)

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It just started to happen with my new iPhone 14; didn’t happen with my old iPhone XR. (Same version of iOS, same version of Bear 2)

Edit 2: Peculiar - once I posted the above sentence; it quit doing that…

Edit 3: it just happened again, but I got it to stop by:
going to the main screen of notes.
pulling down to start a search
stopping the search by tapping Cancel
when you swipe right to return to the tags list sidebar, it works properly.

Same here. Happened a number of times.

Happens to me as well on iPhone 13 Pro. Workaround is to tip the phone into landscape and back and it will have the correct padding on top.