Unable to type anything after using search

Testing version: Version 2.0 (11165)

What were you doing: Typing after using Search

What feature did you use: Search

What happened: Typing toggles the search term and replaces the search term

What did you expect to happen: Type wherever I placed the cursor after searching

Search bug

In this example, I searched for Bear, then placed the cursor after Bug and typed Test. Bear inputs T but jumps back to the highlighted Bear and replaced it with est.


The bug persists after closing the search panel. Any keystroke triggers the search term, making it impossible to type. The solution is to open the search panel and clear the search field to stop it from highlighting the search term.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll provide a fix as soon as possible.


I am having the same issue. Took awhile to figure out how to stop it. It feel really broken when it does this. Please make it a priority for the next release. Thanks.

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