Underlined Headings as link target

I may have found a small visual error with underlined headings.
Nothing crucial and I’m not sure if it can be fixed at all. But I haven’t found anything on this topic in this forum so I thought I would mention it.
Tested on all 3 Platforms (Mac, iPhone, iPad), same behavior.
I have attached a small video with the error.

Thank you

  • Bear Version:
    2.1.9 (12622)

  • OS Version:
    macOS 14.5 / iOS 17.5

  • What were you doing:
    i used a link to refer to a headline. The target headline was underlined (⌘+U)

  • What feature did you use:
    normal link (⌘+K), not the wiki link. I have previously copied the link to the target headline.

  • What happened:
    the link works as expected, but the yellow highlighting (with the default theme) does not highlight the entire heading (the last character is missing)

  • What did you expect to happen:
    that the complete headline is highlighted

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The problem is also observed with Wikilinks, as well as with the options to bold and italicize the text. It adds ignored characters at the end of the text.

Same config as you.


Thanks for reporting this glitch. Will be fixed with the next update.