Updater doesn't work

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9652)

What were you doing: Checking for updates.

What feature did you use: “Check for updates” in Bear menu

What happened: Error message pops up

What did you expect to happen: A message that says there aren’t any updates yet.

Perhaps move your app to the application folder and try again?

The moving to the application folder was too tricky as already the bear 1 was there. I just moved the app file into another folder and then it worked.

I just selected keep both and the new Bear2 was in as ‘Bear copy’ and works fine. But if moving to any other folder works, then that is good I guess.

Somehow that seemed too risky for me :smiley:

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I did that before and it still didn’t work. I quit it again and restarted, and now it works.

BTW, I renamed the app Bear 2 without problems.

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