Using Bear and Python to publish a personal website

I really like the simplicity of Bear. I’m using it as my PKMS, and I’m also now using it to publish small essays I write, which I share with my WhatsApp groups.

I have written a small python script that makes a few tweaks to notes exported as HTML from Bear, including adding a header and footer. I have written about my process and reproduced my script here:

I love the simplicity and flexibility of it. Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas.

4 Likes this is fantastic to learn that you are posting essays and using Bear for your PKMS. I read your post and the Python script you provided for making a website out of Bear notes, and I think it’s great how you updated the export procedure to include headers and footers. This might be very beneficial to everyone.
I have check this this is good :grinning:
I would like to know if you had any issues or advice while writing your script. I am sure that myself and other members of the community would be interested in learning more about your method and any new insights you have learned.

Keep it up & we appreciate you sharing your creative strategy with us.