Using Bear for Book Writing

I wanted to start writing my book in Bear. And I wanted to see who else can relate to this?

Mostly because I am hesitant - I am not sure why. I have never heard that someone was writing a book in Bear, and how it would be Exported when it is ready for publish.

Maybe that could also be a new feature, if there is non of that kind (or I am just not aware of it).

I really enjoy writing in Bear, and I wrote all of my articles in the app. So I was thinking to take it a little bit further and start a big project!

I would be really interested in people’s opinions.

I feel it would be a good step for Bear, anyway.

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I’m starting to write a series of short stories, but I keep bringing the text back to my laptop. I find the formatting on Bear is not very sophisticated ( of course, I’m relatively new to Bear Pro myself) and I prefer to finalize on the computer. But Bear is handy to write drafts. For the portability alone. Good luck!


I use Bear to journal, including notes/planning on writing projects of all lengths. What I’m looking very much forward to is using Panda for the actual writing, including book-length works — currently done in other Markdown editors.


I understand, completely. Maybe that could be one of the feature requests. Especially now that more and more people use Bear as their Second Brain.

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I thought of trying using Bear for journaling, and might even start today. Yesterday I have used Panda for the first time, and those were my thoughts exactly - this would be so good for book writing. I might use it first for blog posts, tho.

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If you keep organized with the nested tags and multi-word tags, it will be exported like this:

Export nested tags

I’d recommend using your book project name as the top-level tag to make exporting easy.

Of course, publishers sometimes have silly file format requirements. But deal with that when the time comes and write the book in whatever most motivates you to write! :writing_hand: :nerd_face:

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Thank you, prof, for advice. I completely agree, just writing will be satisfactory and I should just start it. :blush: It was just a small fear from the past experience where I spent some time transferring stuff that I’ve wrote.