Web clipping embedded code with line numbers

For another web clipping problem, have a look at Bash Scripting Tutorial - Variables – specifically the first block of code, prefixed by “mycopy.sh”. It’s a code block, but the code blocks have line numbers. Bear’s clipper decides that this is a numbered list as opposed to a code block, and then it discards both empty lines and lines beginning with a hash mark (i.e., comments).

Unfortunately that’s indeed a list

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 11.50.55

I can’t argue with that, then – GIGO :-). But do you have any idea why the clipper ignored empty

  • elements or ones where the first character was a hash?

  • This is because the mobilizer sees those elements are ads/navigation and removed those from the page. This and other pages that give bad results will be addressed in the future as we are focusing on the app development at moment, but keep reporting them, I’ll keep note of them.