Why does Bear app contact yahoo.com

This isn’t per se a bug report, but it’s not feedback either, so I’m posting it here. I am puzzled by behaviour that I have blocked in Little Snitch but that I perhaps should not have done.

Bear app, as many other apps for that matter, calls to Yahoo.com (and a few other services as well, but those make sense to me). I have blocked access as I said because I run a tight ship when it comes to apps calling to services I don’t trust.

I do more or less trust Yahoo.com and blocking it could perhaps cause slow downs and other inexplicable behaviour. Can you please enlighten me?

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Curiously, why would it make calls to any other services at all?

Do you have ‘Auto-fill titles when pasting web links’ option enabled perhaps? And if you do, did you possibly have a link in your clipboard that’s related to Yahoo?

Could be rich link previews if you have any directed at Yahoo.

I do not have auto-titles on nd I never visit Yahoo, nor do I have any other business with it. It’s not the only app that calls Yahoo. Yahoo does have some services like weather forecasts, but I doubt it is in any way related to those. I do not know, however, if it also has services for devs. BTW, it’s not just Yahoo that get called (only on Bear it is). Other apps tend to call to Google’s services often and not just to their API service.

Slightly unrelated, but maybe Bear could implement something like an Internet Access Policy (IAP) to clarify things like this in the future?

[Edit: Nevermind. Bear already has this. .-.]

This is very odd if you don’t have auto-titles on. Link previews does reach the page via https but this should happen only when the preview is generated.

This is quite suspicious tho. Which other app has this issue?

Yes, I know. I don’t have auto-titles on at all. I don’t link to Yahoo at all; have no business with them.

Other apps that I blocked from going out to Yahoo in Little Snitch:

Apogee Control (audio interface control app)
Aurora HDR 2019 (HDR photo app)
iA Writer
Apple Pages
Apple Preview

I had yet others but have since removed all of those from my system, including all files associated with them.

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