X-callback token from iPad not valid on iPhone

Testing version:
2.02 (11749)

What were you doing:

Using x-callback queries that require a token

What feature did you use:

X-callback queries in Apple shortcuts

What happened:

My app token generated on my iPad didn’t work on my iPhone (the same shortcut run on my iPhone indicates an invalid token, and if I gen a new token on my phone, the same thing happens on my iPad).

What did you expect to happen:

Is this expected behavior? I know MacOS tokens are not valid on mobile, but both my phone and iPad are on iOS…

This is the design - it’s a per device token

Got it. So if I regularly use multiple devices (in this case my iPad and my iPhone), I basically need distinct copies of any script I’m going to use on both devices that requires a token?

As far as I understand it yes. Shortcuts can replicate many of the callback url features, and don’t require token (and sync between devices) - so not sure if that could suit your situation better?

Sadly, I think I need the flexibility of the x-callback models. For example, I haven’t figured out how to access the text of a note from the “open note” shortcut. Similarly, there are times when I want to search for notes with multiple tags (for example, I include a roundup in my daily note of my active projects, which means I search for all the notes with the tags #project, #master (how I denote the landing note for a project), and #active, and I can’t see how to use the search shortcut with multiple tags. Or am I just missing something?

Any idea why it’s device-limited? I’m not sure I see a significant security benefit to it, which is where my first thought would go.

Regardless, thanks for responding and for the discussion – I’m only just figuring out how the various automation pieces work here, and I’m loving the workflow I’ve been able to build!


For this, I assume you mean “get the contents of the note and do something in another app with it”? If so, a shortcut similar to this:

Should give you a starting point. For example, running that send this message:

You can of course use other shortcut features to choose what note you’re picking (variables, user input, etc).

I can’t see a built in way to search multiple tags; though you might be able to chain a few things together. I.e. search for tag, assign to variable; filter variable for note names, search them for subsequent tags, or similar. I haven’t been able to figure it out quickly now; I may have more of a look later, but you’re correct about limited functionality here.

Additionally, upon reviewing the X-Callback docs, I may be misreading here. They specify that the for MacOS is not cross-compatible with iOS, but they don’t explicitly mention iPadOS or syncing between the devices. I may have misinterpreted this. I’ll test shortly.

My pleasure :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy automation - between Bear + Drafts automation, I am very happy too!

Just confirming they don’t appear to sync, at the very least!