A newbie needs help with Tables

How do I widen columns in a table to make it more functional and readable?

You cannot. The width of a columns is determined by the width of the lines inside a cell (the length of a line is also limited). But exactly that you can use as a workaround. Take any cell of a row and add some space signs at the end of the content to widen the column. However, the more columns you add the lesser the maximum width of all columns will become. It is very fiddly and you will not get what you want. But in simple tables with 2 or 3 Columns it may help a little bit.

Here a short video of what I mean:


Thanks much, Chris. While I don’t like that it can,t be done I definitely appreciate your workaround, and the video you prepared. I’ve just moved from UpNote to Bear ( for reasons I’d be glad to explain if you are interested) and imported all 1100 notes. Let me emphatically state that I’m very happy to be with Bear. But surprised about this tables issue where UpNote handled them extremely well. I have a daily Genealogy Log table with five columns, one of which often contains lengthy text. I’m going to try and convert it to 3 columns and hope it will still work satisfactorily in Bear. Another surprise is that Bear doesn’t allow text alignment, centering, etc, while UpNote does. Both use Markdown, which I like, yet apparently different versions.

Neither of these issues are deal-breakers for me as there so many things to love about Bear!