AI or ChatGPT: iaWriters comment to "end of writing"

I love that quote and hope that bear also will remain that path:

iA will not let AI write your text. We want you to feel what you want to say, think what you want to write, and write so clearly that others will think what you think and feel what you felt. We will continue to use algorithms if they encourage you to think harder. We have been doing that for years (with Syntax Highlight and Style Check). Use ChatGPT to correct spelling errors or check for factual or logical errors or anything that makes you think more. But, whatever you do, think more, not less. If you’d rather use ChatGPT than feel, write and think for yourself, you can do that elsewhere. To use ChatGPT you don’t need us. It’ll be everywhere else.

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If I want AI to help with writing, there are other tools for it. That said, I can see how certain features would benefit from AI. For example, find and replace using natural language would be pretty awesome.

How would that look like? I have no imagination what exactly such a feature means

For example:

Replace instances of “bear” used as a noun with “panda” and keep instances of “bear” used as a verb as “bear”.

Or something like:
Convert dates within brackets to MM YYYY format and dates in footnotes to YYYY-MM-DD format. Keep all other dates as MMMM D, YYYY format.

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Fair enough; regular expressions can also address those issues, i have done heaps of huge formatting with regular expressions find and replace in sublime text

There are people who are not familiar with regular expressions. I personally never got the hang of it. Being able to just tell it what the results should be actually empowers people to get the end results they want easily.

This seems like some sort of snobbery to me. ‘We want you to feel what you want to say…’ Oh, c’mon. In that case - use a piece of paper and a pen. I say this comes across as insufferable snobbery because, as they highlight, iA’s point of difference is that their software already highlights syntax and style errors (just not very well…)

It may seem to you to be snobbery. For me on the other side it seems to be a horrible imagination that people will let write their stuff by an ai and pretend to be theirs. The real meaning of the concept of “second brain” apparently is to be to turn off the first brain. That is indeed strange. Sorry to say that in such harsh words: but ai paves the way to dumbing down. And that is also valid for the whole pkm scene which likes to create one hype after the other in their search for the philosophers stone that is hidden somewhere in their milky way of connected notes. There will be for sure the next best app which will find it. Someday. Somewhere. Without the first brain which seems to be an unreliable authority.

As far as i have remarked many students (who pretend to be the intelectual elite) already are using heavily ai to generate text for their thesis or homework since copy and paste from wikipedia or other sources still seems troublesome enough.The next step will be that readership will loose its ability to distinguish between artificial text and good text from good writers. You really can’t retrace what is meant with “to feel what you want you say”?

I just wanted to phrase my hope to never see such a crap in bear. That’s all

I even asked for pens as bear merchandise. But apart from the fact that pen and paper are useful tools, you should take note that i am not criticising software for notetaking, writing and organization of knowledge but artificial intelligence as creator of pseudo-knowledge. Has anyone ever asked how it was possible to Charles Darwin to produce his scientifical work without roam research? I guess it was his first brain. And probably pen and paper.


I personally use AI everywhere where I can. In my daily work, in my emails writing, when I have to present things… AI is my companion.
It helps me from the morning to the evening. When I do shopping, when I takes notes from my readings, when I talk…
Honestly, I don’t known how would I live without AI. I can’t imagine it.

It’s sure that in the evening, when I’m tired from the day and my wife talks to me, my Actual Intelligence looks like more a chat robot… but otherwise it works well!

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This is interesting. Can you please tell us more about how you use AI in the context of shopping and notes?

At my previous job we used a business version of Google Docs which would offer AI writing suggestions while typing. It’s kind of like auto-complete but for sentences, similar to smart compose in Gmail, though seemingly more powerful.

I found it kind of fun, and probably saved some time. I’d imagine it would be even more helpful to people using it in a non-native language.

Edit: not suggesting for a minute that this is something I’d expect from Bear. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before tools similar to Grammarly and TextExpander will come along to make AI writing assistants available in any text input.

Well, my wonderful Actual Intelligence provides me advices, that I follow!
I have also a second brain which is my wife. But she dislikes that I call her like this :sweat_smile:


I actually just asked Chat GPT to give me a weeks worth of dinners and to generate a shopping list for me.

Afterwards, I asked for the recipes.

I haven’t fully vetted the list or the recipes, but I’m definitely going to play with it some more.