Auto tag notes with certain keywords in them

It would be great if we could auto tag any note which had certain words or phrases in it… would make organization much easier.

Searching for these notes and drag&dropping these notes onto a tag should work?

Or do you mean that the search term itself is transformed into a tag?

Well, the search term itself being transformed into a tag would be equally good super useful, but I really meant an option where you could tell Bear, “if the note has the words giraffe, zebra, or penguin in it, tag it with #zoo” – and after you wrote a note like that, it would automatically add a #zoo tag to the note.

But pretty much the search term being a tag would be an equally great option.

That is an easy task with the means bear already offer as I described above

There’s a big difference between doing it yourself and having it happen automatically.

Yes, it is indeed. I actually do not like such automatical features but i understand why someone wants it :wink:

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I believe that is a scope of AI, where the dev seems to avoid implementing due to its complexity and heaviness.

Ah – I just meant you’d define it yourself. You would tell Bear: “if it contains words X or Y or Z put tag A on it”… no need for AI there.

Part of this automation can be done using Shortcuts but has to be manually triggered. With Bear’s shortcuts actions, you can search for notes matching some terms ( “zebra”, “giraffe”, “penguin”) and assign a tag to those notes. This action can be triggered with a keyboard shortcut, menu bar, or services menu but I can’t think of a way to trigger this when a new note is saved or modified.

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