Bear 1 Icon in Stage Manager mimics Bear 2 (sunglasses) icon

Testing version: 2.0

What were you doing: I was testing the export from a single bear 2 file to my desktop, then importing into Bear 1.

What feature did you use: Desktop icon while using Stage Manager

What happened: I notice that Bear 1 now has the sunglasses icon along with Bear 2. Note that the icons are correct in the Doc. I only see the following behavior in Stage Manager. Both have sunglasses in the side stage manager. Icons are correct in the doc.

What did you expect to happen: I expect that Bear 1 will not have the sunglasses and that Bear 2 will have sunglasses. This is a handy way to differentiate the files since I have the two versions next to one another in the doc.

Again, I only note this in stage manager

This is probably caused by macOS not being able to distinguish B1 and B2 because they share the same application bundle. I don’t have a good solution for this atm, but the problem will fix itself with the stable release of Bear.

Thank you for the response. It’s not even something that concerns me in my daily work with Bear. Just letting you know it happens. I tend to stay in Bear2. I noticed the behavior when keeping track and importing new notes I had been creating in Bear 2