Bear Info window doesn't play nicely with Stage Manager

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing:

  1. Use a two (or more) display setup
  2. Enable Stage Manager in Ventura
  3. Open any two apps on Display 1 (e.g. Finder, Music)
  4. Open Bear on Display 2
  5. Open the Info panel and tear it off into its own window
  6. Switch apps on Display 1

What happened:
The Bear main window disappears, leaving only the info panel visible on Display 2

What did you expect to happen:
Display 1 should switch between apps while the Bear main window and info panel both remain visible on Display 2.

Same with the formatting bar with stage manager on iPad at least.

I’m afraid, as third-party developers, we can’t do a lot to overcome Stage Manager issues on Mac. Maybe you can report this issue to Apple.

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