Bear still showing in Stage Manager while in Full Screen Mode

As you can see on the screenshot, Bear is still showing in stage manager (also on every space) while the app is in full screen mode.

Just adding my own observations. I do not see this behavior when I enter full screen mode on my Mac (Beta Bear and Ventura). Everything is working fine.

Adding my own observations as well. I see this exact same behavior, but it is not specific to Bear. Safari and Things will also do it when I have multiple windows in Full Screen mode.

I have not experienced this issue with Stage Manager but I suspect this is a macOS glitch. Maybe check the macOS 13.2 update.

After updating to 13.2 yesterday, I was not able to replicate the issue. Agree it was a MacOS glitch

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Interesting. For me it is still here on 13.2. Anyway, I will send a feedback to Apple. Thanks!