Bear 2.0 Bug - Syncing no longer working across iOS / Mac OS

Testing version:
2.1.9 (12599)

What were you doing:
I was trying to keep my content synced across iOS and Web versions. Using an iPhone 12 mini with latest iOS, and Mac OS Ventura.

What feature did you use:
No feature in particular, but I realized my phone had not kept syncing since I had downloaded the latest update

What happened:
Upon installing the update, Bear opens, but resets to default settings, theme etc. Syncing no longer available.

What did you expect to happen:
I expected syncing to happen as usual. I removed app and reinstalled, but this did not function either. Installing 2.1.8 does return the theme to previous and suggest syncing is available, but I did not reinstall 2.1.8 for the web app and this seemed to create a conflict.

Bear Web Version? There isn’t one yet as far as I know?

Urgh my apologies there, I meant the Mac Desktop Beta app, not Web app :sweat_smile: :man_facepalming:

Please write to our customer support, to handle these problems we require logs we can’t handle here.