Bear minor 'Last 7 Days' update request

I’m continue to use Bear (v2.2.1(12704)) daily on both my iPad (10.5in, 2017, iPadOS 17.5.1) and iPhone (14 Pro, 2022, iOS 17.5.1). It is simply a fabulous app, and a shining example of how mobile apps should be.

I have one small, simple update request. When you expand the Notes category in the tags column, you get four options : Untagged, Todo, Today and Locked. The one of these that I use the most is Today, BUT it could really do with one extra category : Last 7 Days.

I’m frequently using Bear late at night, and once it goes beyond midnight, everything of course disappears from Today, and I can’t so easily access the notes I’ve just been working on. Similarly, if I want to pick up on stuff the next day, same issue. Having an extra Last 7 Days option seems like a simple, but significant, improvement here.

Do you think you might be able to add this, please?


Hi @bigbearfan thank you for this feedback, we are not against adding more sidebar categories if they are in heavy demand. In this case, I would recommend using the advanced search to view the last 7 days of notes. You can type @last7days into the search bar and it will show you all notes created in the last week.

If you are unfamiliar with the advanced search terms, you can check out this FAQ page, we have over 20 special search terms to make organizing and finding your notes super easy.

I will bring the topic of the sidebar category up with the devs in the meantime.


I too would like “last 7 days” choice.

Otherwise I am very happy with Bear, using it on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro devices.

Thank You to all who make this wonderful app.

I use this search (@last7days) every week for a weekly review. The search is powerful and flexible to be whatever you need. I’m not sure the addition in the sidebar is fully necessary and imho just adds clutter.

I think we should be able to save searches, so everybody can add the categories he/she needs.


I think saved searches that you can pin to the sidebar will solve this and more.


So much. It would also help a little bit people who want workspaces. Please consider doing this!

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My two cents, here… I designed a quick mock-up of a possible solution that allows users to personalise their sidebar, by adding only one new element (the “Add to sidebar” button) to the UI.

Keep in mind that I didn’t spend too much time designing it, so icons and buttons are just to show the idea.

When Bear recognises a smart search, allow users to pin it to the sidebar. To avoid adding too much stuff, for now this could be limited only to smart searches with no other search inputs.

Users can unpin the new pages from the sidebar (maybe the other ones as well) using the same pattern as we have now.

On mobile this could be done by tapping (and holding?) on the search icon [1].

Really curious to hear what you all think about it…

  1. Also, what is that caret-down angle for? Doesn’t seem to do anything for me… ↩︎


Love it! Very elegant and hopefully easy to implement. Just a nitpick, the « save search » button would need to operate on anything though. You may want to search for something specific like a name in combination with tags.

I think that would go too much against Bear’s goal of keeping things clean and minimalistic.

You’d need a pattern to name the view and custom names could make the sidebar look messy.

I think limiting it to recognised searches would be a good in-between.

That would be very limitating and harmstring the feature, which would be a pity. Tags already have custom names, so why not saved searches?

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Probably a good idea to just put all saved searches inside a Folder called “Saved Searches”
When you don’t need the searches for a moment, you can simply collapse the folder.


Thank you for your reply, Claire_Bear - and to everyone else for chipping in here. Much appreciated.

That @last7days search is a great tip, and gives me what I need. I was also vaguely aware of Bear’s advanced searches, but had forgotten about them. Handy article, thanks.

@last7days is a little bit fiddly to type into the search box, though. I’ve come up with a very simple improvement on this : iOS Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

I’ve simply added just one letter that I’d never use by itself (q) to be transposed to @last7days, via this in-built iOS facility. This works beautifully on both my iPhone AND iPad. Oh, and even better, I fairly frequently switch began Apple’s English (UK) keyboard, and SwiftKey (for the swiping facility on iPad) - my above q ->@last7days technique works for both of these keyboards too!

So, even if it’s decided not to add my requested ‘Last 7 Days’ to the sidebar, I can now easily do this anyway.

Thanks again, everyone.


One other way to quickly access searches is to use widgets. You can also customise them with tags and other terms.

I mentioned at several occasions that I would like to see “Untitled” (@untitled) in the left sidebar under the all-node. So far no second person asked for that special search. However I think that this is as a fundamental search as “Untagged” in terms of tidying up its notes. Therefore I advocate to show it in left sidebar, especially as “@untitled” is even not documented in the faq.

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