Build 11586 iOS is Just Awesome 😎


This build added all the missing features on iOS/iPad and fixed quite a few too.


  • history navigation buttons toggle
  • left swipe for info panel
  • down swipe for search in note
  • two finger swipe sideways for history
  • two finger swipe down/up for end/start of note
  • last used info panel persistent
  • quotation mark issue resolved.

All my issues and questions are now addressed, so no need to reply @trix180 :blush:

Great job! Looks very much ready for prime time now.

Thank you very much to the wonderful bear team :rose:



Yes, looking awesome indeed, and working well. I am trying to make it crash, but so far I wasn’t successful…

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Does this also work on iPad? In my case it is only working on iPhone. I mean the two finger gestures. Just checking if I had to file a bug.

Yes, all the above also works on my iPad 11 Pro 2nd gen.

I guess we are both talking about yesterday’s update: Bear 2.0 build 11586?

I also have tried very hard to make it crash, but lately had no success…

Bear 2.0 is too stable now – no fun to be a beta tester anymore :wink:

Yes - it only works on iPhone but not on iPad.

This build 11586 works on my Mac, iPhone and iPad without me finding any problem till now.
Top job from the devs!

Do you have an external keyboard connected to your iPad? We have not considered that case but we will


No not an external keyboard.
But I hesitate to open a bug since I am testing already iOS 17 beta on my iPhone and my iPad. On my iPhone two finger gestures work perfectly but on my iPad there is no reaction. But I think it is good that you know :slight_smile:

hi, i have a bug i want to report with a gif and or mov but cant seem to upload it. im selecting text to drag and it makes bear force close. has it been reported already ? Version 2.0 (11586)

I have the same bug:
On my Mac, in build 11586, after selecting some text en trying to drag this text, the app crashes.

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Same bug here. (20 characters).

Regarding the drag&drop issue, if it’s on macOS we already have a fix ready. Otherwise, if it’s iOS I might need some extra feedback.

Was running around the latest Bear and rattle and shake it from all sides, including the above text dragging on my iPad. Nothing happened. And then I went away and came back, opened Bear and it didn’t respond. Tapped a few times randomly around the screen and then it crashed. For no reason. But maybe that was just me trying to prove a point? As far as I’m concerned it’s almost perfect.