Cannot view my existing markdown documents (no pictures)


I cannot view my Typora markdown documents. The Images are not appearing. Files are attached, I wanted to zip them but this is no supported format.

The image is residing in a subdirectory with th same name as the document and extension .assets so in this case the tulip image resides in ./helloworld.assets/tulip.jpg

Ist there a way to use Panda as a standard ms editor?

Here the markdown code:

Hello all,

hello world

  • have a beer
  • have fun

Tulips (114 Bytes)

That is the image Link. Why is not displayed? It is a relative link.


Hello there,

this is a bit complicated, but the short answer is that we can’t read linked images due to the privacy policies of macOS/iOS.

Both macOS and iOS have something called App Sandbox, apps can’t access files that weren’t directly opened by the user, so if you open a file in Panda we don’t have access to anything else, just to that file. This is a very good regarding privacy and security, but it makes making some kind of apps a little harder to make.

There is a possible solution to this, and that would be asking for access to a folder that contains the .md and the images files as in that case we would be able to access everything inside the folder.

Panda is just a small app that we’re using to test the new editor before integrating it into Bear, we might put more work into it after Bear 2.0, but I can’t promise anything.


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Thanks a lot for your answer. I think besides integration to Bear (and its database) there are still a lot of documents residing in file system tree that I would not import into bear and these are organized in a big tree (Size and scalability).

The possibility to also use Bear to edit files outside of the database would be nice. I currently use Panda for that purpose because on iOS that is the only WYSIWIG editor for md files. Especially for tables this is nice. The only thing I avoid is adding pictures as the extension then changes to .panda and cannot be edited with other apps. On Mac Typora does a very nice job. I am also using IA writer as it has a very powerful and fast search engine.

I usually keep the current year content inside bear and archive the older stuff to a file system as an md structure with relative images where it is full-text indexed by IA-writer. If I was able to view the images this was perfect, otherwise I need to switch between Panda for table changes and UI and IA writer for full preview.