When will Panda become part of Bear?

Having been using Panda for awhile now. It’s not super polished but I think it’s good enough to be part of Bear.

So is there a roadmap about when the two products get merged? It’s just painful to organize with the iCloud/Dropbox’s file browser for .panda files.


There’s a nice writeup here: When will this be integrated with Bear?

Ah. Thanks!

Looping between BaseCamp, Bear, Ulysses, IA Writer, WriteRoom and finally landed on Panda. Good to know the team won’t compromise the high standard - but frankly, I’d be more than happy to see they’re merged now.

I suspect the merger is pretty close.

And yes, Panda is a superb markdown editor. As an FYI based on your initial comment, you only get the .panda file extension if you use non-markdown elements such as embedded images. If you stick with basic (standard) markdown, you can save as regular .md files. Which, to me, positions Panda as a potential replacement for many of the editors you mentioned, including Typora. Regrettably, Panda doesn’t (yet?) support standard markdown images: e.g. ![](image-url). So the best “workaround” (in order to maintain an .md extension) is to use the Panda image link preview feature.