Can't restore purchase

Testing version: Public release

What were you doing: Clicking restore purchase

What feature did you use: Restore purchase

What happened: Get a, “no purchases found” error

What did you expect to happen: My subscription would be found and I’d be upgraded to Pro

Same here. (Coming from the beta, but have a real subscription.)

Potentially relevant detail: I use a different iCloud account for App Store purchases than iMessage, etc.

Issue persists with 2.0.1. It’s kind of a big problem because it breaks syncing (which I paid for).

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Persists with 2.0.2 as well. Can’t sync, so have to migrate to another app.

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Same Here. When I click Restore Purchases, just blinking no action followed.

Same - cannot restore purchase
Version 2.03 - could not find a way to update.

I’m bumping this thread because I think I understand what the problem is, and it’s annoying :slight_smile:

As I said in an earlier post, I have separate Apple IDs for iCloud and App Store purchases.

Account A: App Store purchases, Music subscription, etc.
Account P: personal iCloud account for iMessage, syncing calendars, contacts, etc.
Account W: work iCloud account for iMessage, etc.

My personal machine is logged into A and P. This is how I bought Bear. The subscription is with account A, but syncing happens on account P.

My work machine is logged into A and W. By being logged into account A, I am able to use my Music subscription and install apps that I’ve purchased personally.

However, it seems that Bear tracks ownership via that account that syncs Bear data rather than the account it was purchased with. I want to use Bear Pro on my work machine (in addition to my personal machine) with the subscription I bought on A, but to maintain a separate set of data on account W. (Heck, I don’t even need it to sync; I just want Word export.)

So the ask is: can Bear please behave like every other subscription bought through the App Store and use the App Store Apple ID for tracking purchases rather than the iCloud account? Thanks!

Same here, and my version is 2.1.1.