How to purchase Bear Pro while using Bear 2 beta

Hello Everybody.
unfortunately, we have not found a direct way to let people purchase Bear Pro within a TestFlight beta. However, We can suggest the following workaround for to take advantage of the current prices:

  • On one of your iOS/iPadOS devices delete the TestFlight version of the Bear’s app (has a yellow dot next to “Bear”)
  • Download and open Bear from the App Store
  • Purchase Bear Pro using the in-app preferences
    • After purchasing the sync status will remain “never”
    • Bear 1 will not sync if you used the beta because your online notes have been migrated to version 2
  • Delete Bear’s app once again
  • Download the TestFlight Version and let it sync back
    • You might see a duplication of the beta welcome note

Let me know if you experience issues with the above procedure.


after i purchased the pro now i lost the beta and in my mac it does not recognize that i own the pro
please help

i replied to your email with my email