Change of typography in Editor for Bear 2

I’m testing the latest Bear 2 beta on macos and iOS but couldn’t find a way to change the font for my notes (previously in Editor settings). I used to use a monospaced font in Bear 1 and I read in the forum that Panda was supposed to support all OS fonts now.

What about Bear 2, because it seems to be missing this feature altogether and I’m stuck with a variable font.

They haven’t shipped editor typography yet. Check the release notes for B2

Well, this is not a beta then :slight_smile:

From Wikipedia: A beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain several known or unknown bugs.

Surely I should have looked better at the notes before upgrading but I mistakenly trusted Devs complied with how software development is understood in the industry.

Thanks for confirming anyway.

Yeahh. I’ve been waiting to see how B2 handles table width myself. I am hoping it enlarges with the line width of the notes —especially on iPad. I guess they are making sure to get those pesky bugs out of the way before releasing the editor typography features.

Blaming others for their own mistakes, from Wikipedia we call them people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Lol. Nobody is blaming anyone but myself (perhaps?). I don’t even think of this as a huge problem for the time being.

I have a backup and can restore Bear 1.0 if I want

Yet, none of this is relevant to my point: Bear 2.0 beta is not a beta.

Eh, unfortunately your point is wrong. Maybe you should look up the word “generally” in the dictionary first. According to Wikipedia, generally males have greater body strength and females have a higher body fat percentage. Does it mean all males have greater body strength? No. Same here, A beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete, does it mean all Beta phase begins when the software is feature complete? No. Who defines when Beta phase begins? Devs.

Also according to the devs, this beta version is feature complete, they just hide the preference for font changing for now, it is complete at code level. Is it so difficult to understand? Do you really have to seize the fact that they didn’t let you see all the features so it is not called Beta? Grow up please.

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The only problem is that the list of missing items are all bits of pieces that are already there (clearly the editor defaults are set, they just aren’t editable by the user as of yet). Seems pretty feature-complete to me.

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Actually it’s not. If a beta phase generally starts feature complete you can imagine how it generally gets out for testing…

But I get it, feature flags, whatever, I just wanted to test this beta and all the other features as well. I’ll wait :joy:

Why are you so upset bro? Did I touch a nerve or something?

Having a “different” opinion seems to be too much for some people to take these days

Lol, peace