Is Panda no longer the Bear beta?!

I think I may’ve missed something here. I thought that Panda was still the beta version of Bear 2.0. Is this still the case? Or has this changed and I need to pop my name down on the list for a new beta version? Any help would be great!

Panda was the ‘alpha’ version of the editor only. Panda combined with new functionalities is now available as Bear 2 (beta).

So yes, put yr name down

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How confusing! Thank you!

Not really. Panda was announced as test for the new ‘editor’ only. Its on the site:

Panda is an alpha version of the new Editor coming in Bear 2.0. For now, it’s separate from Bear and won’t touch any existing notes.

After thorough testing of the editor part, it was time to test the other functions in combination with the new editor. So then Bear 2.0 beta was announced on the forum under ‘updates’ catgory:

So has the iOS beta arrived as well or just the Mac version? Sorry to seem dense here!

Sorry, the Bear 2.0 iOS/iPad beta has not been released yet.
Only the Bear 2.0 beta for Mac,

But guess we are all intensely waiting for the iPhone/iPad betas with iCloud sync.
The Mac beta does not have sync activated yet.

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Ah, ok! Thank you :smiling_face: