Contact form loop on the website

Reporting something that might have been lost when Bear 2 was updated – was looking to contact support through the website, and there is a weird loop that goes nowhere.

Each support page features this footer:

And when you click “Contact us”, you get there:

… but there is no contact form, and each support page only provides the aforementioned footer, which only gets to the page which tells you to go to support pages, which goes to the page which tells you to go to the support pages…

Am I missing something?

There’s an issue with the support page when ad-blockers are enabled. We’ll change the form as soon as possible.

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I also have no way to contact support. I disabled all my ad blockers and I still can’t find a way to submit a ticket.

My iOS app icon is not changing appearance like it should. And why haven’t you fixed your support page since January? It’s March! This makes me not want to renew.

That’s odd but please write to

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Have you tried to click the message icon at bottom right corner?


Took me some time to figure that out …

That’s it! Worst UI design imaginable. I spent 10 minutes looking for a link, and didn’t even consider that icon. I thought it was just an image on the page.

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