Feature request: automation to get current note ID

I wish Bear supported at least enough Applescript (or similar) to allow automations to get the currently-viewed note of the frontmost window.

In my case, I would like to use this in interactively-triggered actions (e.g., in Alfred workflows) to do something with the current note.

Is this shortcut something like you had in mind?


I hope this link works for you. When I click on it here I get an error message but it works if I first copy it to safari.

It doesn’t seem to be possible to open that link on modern OSes (Shortcuts rejects it as “unable to verify”). Can you share a screenshot or other summary of how it actually works? Or can you “Export” it from your Shortcuts? The iCloud sharing feature seems infuriatingly locked-down and opaque.

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Ah, of course – I didn’t realize the open-note URL scheme method can actually just return the current note ID in the callback. Thanks for this!