Feature request: colour coding of notes in note list

Staring at a great long list of notes in the note list, it occurs to me that being able to add colour to notes in the list might be a helpful way to get to particular notes. It might also be a neat way to add a custom sort, kind of.


I can understand the idea behind this however is very hard to pick different colors which work as a background for the note list. We can eventually add several colors to each theme but will require a lot of work.


Or just present the user with a palette and let him or her choose any colour he likes.

no, the notes cells are composed of 11 different background and foreground colors all of those have to work together if you want contrasts between backgrounds and texts. You want to just pick a background color but you have to change (potentially) every other color accordingly. Even if you do manage to change just some of the colors your cell will potentially not work for different themes. The only good way to have this is by providing color variations for each theme and switching following some rules.

I know that it is self-obvious workaround, but I just want to mention that you can achieve something very similar with using colors/symbols in your note titles, so they stand out in the list, e.g.

First note
:arrow_forward:︎ This second note is standing out
:red_circle: And this one definitely is etc.