Feature Suggestion: Select any word from note into Table of Content 功能建议【任意文字添加到目录】⚠️





pdf expert里面的这个功能叫-添加到大纲。


The latest Panda version added a new ToC feature - Automatically add headings to ToC.
However, I’d really hope this feature can be improved.
Sometimes we want to add many things into ToC, not only headings.

This is how the feature could behave imo:
Select text → right click/long press with two fingers → menu → add to ToC
In this way we can add not only heading but also any text we want into ToC.

Sometimes we want to navigate quickly to a part that is not headings but some text in the note.
I hope I can add any body text into the ToC and then click them in ToC to navigate quickly to the text.

For example, If I want to study English vocabulary, I’d like to add them into ToC. I will look at the list of English words one by one and recite the meaning of the word. If I couldn’t remember any of them, I can click it and navigate to the English word and check the meaning of it.

This feature is very similar to bookmark/ToC. Different apps have different names.
In PDF expert, the feature is called - add to ToC.
In Pages, the feature is called - add to bookmark.


Thank you for your feedback. Currently we don’t have plans to add this feature - Select any word from the note and add it to ToC. Alternatively, you can make the English words that you’d like to add in ToC as headings, such as H6. In this way you can view the English words in ToC and navigate note quickly. I also added a sample screenshot below for reference. I hope this method can help in this particular case.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks again for your feedback and support!


非常感谢您的反馈。目前我们并没有计划添加自定义关键词到大纲中。想要实现同样的效果,其实您也可以将单词以小标题形式添加到列表中,例如 H6(推荐 H6 是因为字体大小与正文字体相当,不会显得太过突兀。您也可以选择其他级标题代替。)进行添加,这样在大纲中可以显示该单词位置,且支持跳转。我在下方添加了示例截图作为参考,希望该方法可以暂时解决您的问题。